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  1. Uwe


    The following rules a apply for all www.clutch-solution.com Websites and Forum Sections. Make sure you read them completely and carefull. If you cannot behave in agreement with these rules, you may get permanently banned and your account maybe deactivated without a warning. Read the our Terms of Service, you accept such terms(ToS) when using our website or services. Terms of Service Forum Rules Use the search function before posting, your questions has been probably already been answered. Do not post spam or insult other user and member or make them feel bad in any way. Do not act as if you are an administrator or a moderator (claim threads to be closed). Treat all (user, member and staff) with respect. Do not try to sell anything on the forum. You are not you are not allowed to sell any goods, services (...) on this platform. Do not post about something that a thread already exists. Do not post about something that should be PM'd to an administrator or moderator (account resets, invalid hardware id errors, invalid username or password errors etc.) Do not swear in an abusive way (in order to put down customers/staff/hacks), swearing that is not deemed to be maliciously directed at somebody will be overlooked Do not post things in a thread that are not on-topic with what the original thread was made for Do not double post, use the edit button No hate speech, racism or abuse on other members or individual. No advertising in any way If you need help, post in the correct forum section. Time or permanent bans are divide into various reasons, the most common of them are: Offensive Username. Hate Speech / Inappropriate Language / members or individual. Wrong Section Forbidden Language Spamming Advertisements. (Advertisements to other cheats) Signature Rule Violation Account Rules Only one forum and game account is allowed to be used, per computer. Only one account is allowed to be created. Leaking/sharing/renting of an account is not allowed here. Giving a false reason for requesting a reset of an account is not allowed Attempting to 'memory dump' the contents of a hack is not allowed Selling or giving away an account is not allowed Giving away a hack (getting a mod/admin to remove it from your account and add it to another) is not allowed Attempting to crack the login client, or modifying how the client works is not allowed Any attempt to circumvent the rules will cause a instant Hardware ID ban from the Client and a permanent ban from the forum.
  2. Uwe


    This thread contains the last uptime status known by the staff. [Available] Escape from Tarkov | Get it here [Available] Rust | Get it here [In Testing] Apex Legends [In Testing] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (VAC³, ESEA, Faceit) [In Development] Valorant
  3. Uwe

    [Release] - Rust

    clutch-solution.com is proud to announce our new release for Rust More Information Have fun Best regards, Uwe
  4. Important: (You can buy 1 Month keys only) Get a coupon code: Message and pay "Metz#0606" in Discord. Enter the Coupon Code: In the Order process or after that "Pay Now": https://clutch-solution.com/clients/orders/
  5. Go to: https://clutch-solution.com/settings/login/?service=2 or: 1. 2.
  6. Dear Clutch-Community, please share in this section your opinion and experience with our team, our services and our products. See also at elitepvpers: EFT Rust Thank you very much. Best regards, Uwe
  7. Wallpaper for your Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets and more. Theme: Dark Black shield - by kenji Previews: Available Resolutions: FullHD 1920x1080, QHD 2560x1440, UHD 3840x2160 Download Bonus, also included in this package: Avatar Image Theme: Light Preview: Available Resolution: 2000x2000 Best regards, Uwe
  8. Go to our Store, place your Order and choose one of the added payment methods. For subscriptions: -[added] Cryptocurrencies Automatically No additional fee Accepted currencies: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin Cash -[added] Paypal Manually | More Information Fee: +10 Euro -[added] Amazon Gift Card Manually | More Information Fee: +20 Euro There are about 50 payment methods how you can buy gift card codes -[in progress] Stripe Automatically No additional fee For physical products: -[in progress] Stripe Automatically No additional fee
  9. [Disabled] due to technical issues Loyalty program coupon, redeemable for eft subscriptions only! (not useable with paypal!) Required: active paid subscription Coupon Code: "1337clutch" Checkout -> Enter the Coupon Code and press "Apply Coupon"
  10. Amazon eGift card: Normal prices in our Store + 20,00 Euro fee each order due to this payment method. Already got the Gift Codes? Place your Order in our Store and select the "Amazon Gift Card" payment method Enter the Amazon Gift Code(s) here: Orders -> View Details -> Add notes -> Enter the Code(s) -> Press SAVE How to buy Gift Codes: Use Amazon itself 1. Select and order your chosen subscription in our Store. 2. Go to: Amazon eGift Card 3. Buy the Gift Card (code) Select an Euro ( € ) Amount. Buy the Gift Card on "amazon.de" (just change your current domain to".de") . For Login use your normal Amazon Login-Information. No new account needed. After this, your account will get activated Use alternatives to buy Amazon egift Cards instead of amazon itself 1. guthaben.de Paypal: https://www.guthaben.de/amazon-gutschein (May you translate the site to your language, by using your browser) or 2. igiftcards.de Paypal: https://igiftcards.de/en/amazon/ Other payment methods from igiftcards: Please keep in mind the payments are done manually and would take up to 24h to get processed. Once after you have sent, you'll get a private message as soon as possible with all the informations and access to your choosed Solution.
  11. Uwe

    Clutch - Radar/ESP

    Features: -[added] 3D ESP -[added] Player Radar (names, distance, elevation, health) -[added] Node Radar (Stone, Metal, Sulfur) -[added] Hemp Radar -[added] Crate Radar -[in progress] Required: -DMA screamer hardware device -Second device (PC / Notebook) Introduction: Get your Rust Subscription here!
  12. Features: -[added] 3D ESP (Player and Item) -[added] 2D Radar -[added] Camera zoom, follow, panning -[added] Scanned maps based on ingame world - For Example: Customs, Woods, Factory, Labs, Reserve, Shoreline -[added] All maps -[added] Player line of sight -[added] Player height (difference to your current position) -[added] Show team -[added] Show pmc, scav, player-scav, Raider/Boss -[added] See every dropped item -[added] Item-Filter full customizable -[added] Items disapear on pickup -[added] Display loot from unopened crates/cache/inventories -[added] Lootinfo on in hovering -[added] Lootname scaling -[added] Fully customizable menu and settings, loot color, outline, size, render FPS (...) -[added] Item height, show the exactly floor -[in progress] Show Enemy gear -[in progress] Switch current floor view automatically -[in progress] Warning System (Enemy is aiming on you) -[in progress] ESP overlay -[in progress] Aimbot Required: -DMA screamer hardware device -Second device (PC / Notebook) Introduction: Get your EFT Subscription here!
  13. F.A.Q | YOUR GAME. OUR SOLUTION. | CLUTCH-SOLUTION.COM Here you can find answers to questions about how the website works. Try the "Useful links" in the navigation bar or use the search box to find your way around. 1. What service am i paying for? You are paying for a clutch-solution VIP Membership subscription. 2. What is a Membership? A Membership gives you features and exclusive content not available to free members of the site. 3. What is the difference between a Regular Membership and Premium Membership? The main difference is that VIP (Premium) Memberships are limited to monthly subscriptions only. Some of them may also be slot limited. 4. How long do I have to wait to get the Membership status? You get the Membership status "Customer" immediately after the payment has been processed. 5. Where do i see my active subscription duration? Hover over "Store" and click on "Manage Purchases". 6. Which Payment Methods do you accept? Check Payment Methods 7. How do i renew my active subscription? Click on "Store", go to "Manage Purchases" and click on "Renew Now". 8. How do i verify my Discord Account in this Forum. Account Settings -> Discord
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