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  1. It’s up and running. Discord.
  2. Come to discord. We can help you until they fix subscriptions.
  3. Hi, if you get stuck open a thread in our private eft section or join our discord for LIVE support. Thanks.
  4. Hey bro, did you join our discord? We can help you properly there. https://discord.gg/clutch-solution open vip ticket
  5. Hey guys, would like to present my video for the contest. It's simple, but hopefully it helps community ❤️
  6. Hello everyone, Just doing it, because we have here the best community and support I've ever seen. Congratz to all that made this radar works. Feels bad because it is too expensive for Brazil. + nice and fast support + undectable for now and maybe for a long time + nice community + nice method of bypass - too expensive for Brazil, but it is my problem Thanks guy for the experience, I will be back someday.
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