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The following rules a apply for all www.clutch-solution.com Websites and Forum Sections. Make sure you read them completely and carefull. If you cannot behave in agreement with these rules, you may get permanently banned and your account maybe deactivated without a warning.

Read the our Terms of Service, you accept such terms(ToS) when using our website or services.

Terms of Service

Community Forum and Discord Rules

  • Use the search function before posting, your questions has been probably already been
  • answered.
  • Do not post spam or insult other user and member or make them feel bad in any way.
  • Do not act as if you are an administrator or a moderator (claim threads to be closed).
  • Treat all (user, member and staff) with respect.
  • Do not try to sell anything on the forum. You are not you are not allowed to sell any goods, services (...) on this platform.
  • Do not post about something that a thread already exists.
  • Do not post about something that should be PM'd to an administrator or moderator (account resets, invalid hardware id errors, invalid username or password errors etc.)
  • Do not swear in an abusive way (in order to put down customers/staff/hacks), swearing that is not deemed to be maliciously directed at somebody will be overlooked
  • Do not post things in a thread that are not on-topic with what the original thread was made for
  • Do not double post, use the edit button
  • No hate speech, racism or abuse on other members or individual.
  • No advertising in any way
  • If you need help, post in the correct forum section.
  • No politics

Time or permanent bans are divide into various reasons, the most common of them are:

  • Offensive Username
  • Offensive Avatar
  • Hate Speech / Inappropriate Language / members or individual
  • Wrong Section
  • Forbidden Language
  • Spamming Advertisements. (Advertisements to other cheats)
  • Signature Rule Violation

Account Rules

  • Only one forum and game account is allowed to be used, per computer*. Only one account is allowed to be created.
  • Leaking/sharing/renting of an account is not allowed here.
  • Giving a false reason for requesting a reset of an account is not allowed.
  • Attempting to 'memory dump' the contents of a hack is not allowed.
  • Selling or giving away an account is not allowed.
  • Giving away a hack (getting a mod/admin to remove it from your account and add it to another) is not allowed.
  • Attempting to crack the login client, or modifying how the client works is not allowed.

Any attempt to circumvent the rules will cause a instant Hardware ID ban from the Client and a permanent ban from the forum.


*For EFT you can purchase a second HWID to play on.

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