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  1. everything is online
  2. clear browser cache / history or change your browser to register
  3. if you're younger than that age, you are ot able to register.
  4. Mango will check and investigate, hold on. Your Discord ID ?
  5. we are glad you're happy. If you want to write a testimonial, feel free: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/10-testimonials/ /closed
  6. Please join the new Discord! https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ
  7. Please join the new Discord guys! https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ
  8. Uwe

    New Discord

    Discord: https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ
  9. For this https://clutch-solution.com/topic/10-radar-and-esp-new/ as described, EFT and VIP+ EFT: https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/12-escape-from-tarkov-esp-and-radar/ VIP+: https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/2-vip-membership/
  10. your choice, there are many alternatives, windows VPN works. Just check the options after purchase
  11. if you want to pay with paypal check https://clutch-solution.com/topic/57-paypal-how-to/ otherwise: https://clutch-solution.com/topic/19-payment-methods/
  12. hi, yes, it's up and running as always.
  13. Hi, please follow these steps: https://clutch-solution.com/topic/208-tutorial-getting-started-eft-radar-and-lag-switch/ if you get stuck open a thread in our private eft section or join our discord for LIVE support. Thanks. Best regards, Uwe
  14. Congrats to our Winners! First place - @WipeHype Second place - @BryanNg206 Third place - @HIPPITYHOPPITY and @frostykeks
  15. Google Pay / Apple Pay will be shown at the checkout if it's enabled at your site. Like from your smartphone, you need to download the Google pay app and enable it.
  16. delete browser history / cache / cookies disable all vpn connections try to pay from an other device use a different card if you are from us use: https://privacy.com/
  17. Hello Josh2g, free trials are not possible. Make sure you fit the requirements and you are good to go. To try it just get the 7 days subs https://clutch-solution.com/topic/10-radar-and-esp-new/?tab=comments#comment-10
  18. contabo vps is recommended for you. Anyway if you can get an old laptop like up to 10 years old it's still the best way.
  19. Uwe

    [Release] - EFT

    clutch-solution.com is proud to announce our new release for EFT More Information Have fun Best regards, Uwe
  20. perfect! Support: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/20-private-section-vip-membership/ LIVE Support 24/7 Discord: https://discord.gg/pyZTVmh /closed
  21. Please check: https://clutch-solution.com/topic/10-radar-and-esp-new/?tab=comments#comment-10 also if you want eft, you need the eft sub.
  22. hi, you have the normal Member status, instead of the customer status. You haven't bought anything till now. Please check: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/13-escape-from-tarkov/ Also check your order status: https://clutch-solution.com/clients/orders/
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