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  1. https://clutch-solution.com/forum/35-download/
  2. thanks for the confirmation. There is no ban for your Discord id, try to use the other Link: https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ or add me in Discord: Uwe#1337 /solved
  3. use the edit function next time @Pally Discord ID ?
  4. discord id ? "Pally#8341" is not banned
  5. https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ or https://clutch-solution.com/discord/invite/general/
  6. For the Radar and ESP you need: EFT sub and VIP+ sub or EFT sub and DMA hardware For the Lag Switch you need: Lag Switch only
  7. if it's more than one year ago like: we switched our forums and database. Subsciptions like Lifetime wasn't lost, but the accounts have been removed. Please just use your new account now.
  8. discord is not essential to purchase, you know the reason for your discord ban i guess. please purchase and write down your discord ID *EDIT Discord ban revoked, solved. /closed
  9. Hello, it's not about performance, it's not possible like that. we have some VPS recommendations from our community. Europe or Germany: https://dash.evolushost.com/clutch US: https://nexusbytes.com/ Canada: https://servarica.com/clients/store/special-group-2021 AUS/ ASIA: https://client.host4fun.com/cart.php?gid=59 or: ( ping whise the vps need to be located in the near of yourself ) or you search for an old shitty laptop as second pc.
  10. cleared your information, fill it again properly and try again
  11. yes that's because your sub is paused, if you login to the launcher you can unpause. You got a pm
  12. yes "old shitty laptop" works, it need at least 2 cores and 4gb ram More Information: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/11-available-solutions/
  13. make sure you fit all requirements: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/13-escape-from-tarkov/ if you do and your membership(s) are granted, you can see the guides
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