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  1. clutch-solution.com is proud to announce our new payment methods. Payment Methods If you are still missing something or if you have suggestions, please let us know here by starting a new topic: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/9-pre-sale-questions-and-payment-information/
  2. If your laptop runs with windows 10, you’re good
  3. First of all watch out for a DMA Solution: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/11-available-solutions/ get the DMA Hardware and the sub. custom firmware is not necessary
  4. yes, in discord news and https://clutch-solution.com/forum/6-news/
  5. currently there are no plans for other chips and we keep the support for 35T, 50T and 75T boards. Pre older should be available from beginning of november
  6. Yes two different developers. First two images are RangerDMA, build from recycled chips and cheaper option. RangerDMA could work, but we can't give you a guarantee. The third image, with the shield is the clutch board.
  7. Yes everything is online and working as always you can also check the Available Solution section
  8. For the Radar you need: EFT sub and **VIP+ sub** **or** EFT sub and **DMA hardware**
  9. For the Radar you need: EFT sub and **VIP+ sub** **or** EFT sub and **DMA hardware** For the Lag Switch you need: Lag Switch only everything as stated at the product feature sites
  10. Information: No waiting time: Instant access and activation after purchase, check your e-mail or Discord how-to channels for information after the payment has been completed. calendar days
  11. https://clutch-solution.com/forum/35-download/
  12. thanks for the confirmation. There is no ban for your Discord id, try to use the other Link: https://discord.gg/7nAZKY6SKJ or add me in Discord: Uwe#1337 /solved
  13. use the edit function next time @Pally Discord ID ?
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