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  3. Thanks my man! I will reach out to Mango and Ken and see if this is enough supporting interest to maybe get a DayZ product.
  4. Hi , just fast review guys ... good cheat , good support ( almost 24h per our someone is online from stuff/mods ) very active community and fair price , i just can recommend this to every one who wann to use radar and esp. Im very happy with this and im waiting for more features in future.
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  6. +1 I believe we are over 25 now 😉
  7. Who would be interested in a Cod/WARZONE radar/esp?
  8. Damn we hella close bois 😁. Thanks for the interest! Keep it up!
  9. Thank you as we appreciate the feedback 🙂
  10. This has been the first time I have used a product like this and I was not expecting it to be as good as it is. I highly rate this radar for the level of customer service, quality of product and the fair pricing. I enjoy it so much, it's hard to play Tarkov without it now hahaha. I feel this growing community is going in a good direction and I am happy to call myself a member.
  11. I'm writing this Review as a thanks to the clutch community and staff. First of all I want to talk about the product itself. The package includes a 2D and 3D radar showing players, scavs, and raiders identified by your color of choice. Both radars work amazingly well and are very effective in game. I have almost nothing bad to say about the radar itself because once you set it up, following one of 3 very short and detailed setup guides you're ready to go within 30 minutes of your purchase. Also if you get stuck or lost during the setup process the staff is always in the discord and ready to help at a moments notice. If a staff member doesn't respond the community is also very helpful and helped me fix a few of my VPN settings. The staff also works tirelessly on the radar making sure its up and running as quickly as possible. During server updates and late night DDoS attacks, the staff quick let everyone know of the situation and how long until it would be fixed while completely changing the main server and getting back up and running in under an hour. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a radar service to give clutch solution a try because this product and community are amazing!
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