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  1. Hey, I'm glad you want to try it with us... With your PC it would be possible to operate the radar! he's not perfect. there could be lags or delays with the overlay of the radar But If I were you, I would try... Join our Discord and open a #presale-ticket so we can help you faster and in Live sincerely LockDown
  2. We also offer a VIP + solution for people who do not have or do not want to have DMA .. Would that be interesting for you? This solution is just as secure as the one with DMA And undetected for over a year.... so u need a sub for this https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/2-vip-subscription/ and https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/12-escape-from-tarkov-esp-and-radar/ II hope I could help you
  3. His name is Kal-El dont fuck with him xD
  4. Testimonials was Not active at this Time. Or ima wrong? can you move the post
  5. +1 Hunt Showdown would be awesome. Love the Game!! Play it since Alpha More than 1200h but a Player Radar/ESP would be Funny ?
  6. I love Your New Homepage! You try so Hard on the Website and on the product! keep doing it !!
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