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Escape from Tarkov - Multihack: Chams, NoRecoil, Infinite Stamina, Misc [Clutchbox Add-on]

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This is an "Add-on" for the Radar. To use this you are required to have the Radar aswell:


  • No Recoil Shot-, / Breath-, / Walk-, / Motion-, / Force Reduction 0-100% ) -> LIVE view 
  • Instant Quickscope  / ADS -> LIVE view
  • No Overheat [in progress]
  • No Malfunction  [in progress]
  • No Weapon Jam [in progress]
  • Aimbot [in progress]


  • Chams -> LIVE view
  • Visible check -> LIVE view
  • No Visor ( Folded down Visor 100% transparent ) -> LIVE view
  • Day Only -> LIVE view
  • Disable Weather -> LIVE view
  • Disable Fog -> LIVE view
  • Thermal Vision -> LIVE view
  • Night Vision -> LIVE view
  • Disable Inventory Blur -> LIVE view
  • Disable Culling ( Stops players from flickering )
  • Custom Color Settings for All Player Types
  • Disable Walk Animation


  • Loot through Walls ( 1.7m / Only Containers and Quest Items ) -> LIVE view
  • Double search -> LIVE view


  • Remove Attachments ( From gun while in raid, use discard option ) -> LIVE view
  • Mag drills ( Fast Reload / Fast fill up + Unload magazines )


  • Infinite Stamina -> LIVE view
  • No Fatigue Debuff -> LIVE view
  • No Gravity / Fly ( DMA only feature ) [in progress]
  • Juggernaut ( Sprint while overweight ) -> LIVE view
  • Reduced Inertia ( Run very fast with heavy overweight ) -> LIVE view
  • Fake Lean -> LIVE view
  • Snake Mode
  • Power Jump
  • Power Grenade Throw -> LIVE view

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  •  Cheat & Hack Status:
     Available: The cheats are online and available for sale.
     Updating: The cheats are being updated, available again soon.
     In Testing: The cheats are being tested by our Testers. If available in store, Customers are also able to test it.
     In Maintenance: The cheats are being updated.
     Coming soon: New cheats are being worked on.

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