Frequently Asked Question

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1. What am I paying for?

You're paying for clutch-solution Membership subscription.  

2. What is a Membership?

A Membership gives you exclusive content and features not available to free members of the site. The main benefit is to get access for the VIP forum sections. 

3. Where I get fast Support?

Contact us at: Discord, Steam, Teamspeak and in our 

Clutch-Solution Forum. 

4. What payment method do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods: Paypal, Paysafe, Visa and Bitcoin. 

5. Do I have to download the cheats?

No. You have to download our launcher software on our clutch-solution download page and it will manage the cheats for you. 

6. What's the difference between Memberships?

Normal Memberships: You get access to exclusive private download sections.

Pro Membership: You get unique versions and you get contact to your own coder. (League support)

7. How to get free subscription time and guest passes?

You need to participate on events. For More Informations go to our Forum.

8. How long do I have to wait to get the Membership status?

You get the Membership status within a few minutes after the payment has been processed.

9. How long do I have to wait to login to the launcher?

You can login and use your cheats immediately after the payment has been processed.

10. Can I use the client software on several computers?

No, the client software is locked on one computer after the first connection. If you want to move the client software to a new computer, then you will need to request a Hardware Id Reset. 

11. Am I allowed to sell my account?

No. We investigate this type of behavior and ban your account without any notice.