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Presale F.A.Q

Here you can find answers to questions about how the website works. Try to use the search box to find your way around.

Where and how do I start? (All requirements, Windows version...)

Check the Features and Requirements and purchase a membership.
Check here: https://clutch-solution.com/categories/

What service am I paying for? 

You are paying for a Clutch-Solution.com membership subscription.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, there are always some products marked with “Hot Deal” on our store.
There are no discount codes or coupons.

When and how can I renew my Membership subscription?

You can renew at any time. Time gets automatically added.

What is the difference between a Regular Membership and Light, Premium Membership?

Premium memberships are the "main" membership to the corresponding game.

Light memberships are addons.

You can see more details here:

Where do I find my key after purchase?

We do not offer keys.
You purchase with your account, and you get the time added to your account instantly.
If you really need a key you can
Contact our Resellers


Does the Membership subsciptions renew automatically?

No, you have to manually purchase every time.
You can purchase before the old subscripton runs out and time will be added.

Does my time start instantly after purchase?

You bought directly on Clutch-Solution.com? Yes, time starts instantly.
You bought from a reseller? Time starts as soon as you activate your key

How to get the Discord Premium Role: CLUTCH KING and what are the benefits? 

You need to purchase one or more Lifetime Membership(s). 
Most Important, read the Product description. 

Opportunity to
alpha/beta test our products for free.
Higher priority support, questions, suggestions and tickets.
ClutchKing role in discord.
Access to ClutchKing only channels.

What is a membership? 

A membership gives you features and exclusive content that is not available to free members of this forum.

Where can I find product features?

Go to this site https://clutch-solution.com/ and click the product you want.

Where can I find product requirements?

Go to this site https://clutch-solution.com and click the product you want.
Change to the "Requirements" tab.


What is the difference between DMA 2PC hardware and 1PC Software?

Our 1PC Software only needs a Gaming PC. Buy and you're good to go.

Our 2PC DMA Hardware needs DMA Hardware AND a second PC or Laptop.
(2nd PC minimum requirements: 3 Core & 4GB RAM – Windows 10 & 11)


What is the difference between Pool FW and Custom FW?

Pool firmware is shared between 4-5 users.
Custom firmware is unique and used only by you.


Is a cheat currently available?

Go to this site https://clutch-solution.com and click the product you want to buy.
On the left side you will see a "Status".

Available: The cheats are online and available for sale.
Updating: The cheats are being updated, available again soon.
In Testing: The cheats are being tested by our Testers. If available in store, Customers are also able to test it.
In Maintenance: The cheats are being updated.
Coming soon: New cheats are being worked on.

Can I use the software on multiple PCs?

No, the software is locked to one computer after the first connection.
If you want to use the software on a new computer, then you need to do a Hardware Id Reset on https://play.clutch-solution.com/
You account comes with 2 free resets. If you need more you need to buy them: 

About cheats, hacks and us.

What are Cheats?

Cheating or hacking in a video game means gaining an advantage beyond normal gameplay. Why do people cheat? In multiplayer games it gives the cheater a competitive edge over other players. Cheaters either exploit an internal weakness found within a game (e.g., a bug) or use external tools devised especially for cheating.


What cheats are there?

The usual cheats are Aimbots, Wall Hacks, Trigger Bots, ESP (on-screen visuals), 2D Radars and 3D Radars.
However, depending on the game there can be things like Bunny Hop, Strafe Jump, etc as well.


Pay2win or Cheating?

Pay2win means that the game developer gives the opportunity to improve and gain an advantage over others by using real money. Cheating, on the other hand, is not permitted by the game developer because other methods give you an unfair advantage.


Are there any dangers when cheating?

Game developers use so called AntiCheat to counteract cheaters. Of course, it can always happen that you get caught cheating and lose your account as a result.


What is Clutch-Solution?

Clutch-Solution was founded in 2016. It all started with small projects for Counter-Strike and has developed into one of the largest platforms for various multiplayer cheats. Our professional developers make sure to provide the best quality and safety for all our products e.g. Escape from Tarkov, Counter-Strike, DayZ, Apex, Rust, Dark and Darker, Battlebit, Hunt Showdown and the portfolio is constantly expanding. You can use our cheats to look legit or just rage with it. Also they give you an advantage against other Cheaters (HvH).

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