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[English] ICS Setup (Required: Second device)

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If you struggle with the setup, feel free to use the short-support channel in our Discord!


  • Game device (pc)
  • Radar device (second pc)
  • 2nd network card or Ethernet&Wifi on radar device
  • 1 extra ethernet cable.



Everything in this guide is done on Radar-PC

1. Connect the Game-PC and Radar-PC with an ethernet cable.

2. Download npcap from the pinned messages of the dma-support channel and install it (don't change any install settings).

3. Press Windows + X

  • Select "Network Connections"


4. Go to "Status"

  • Click on "Change adapter options"

5. Check what the network adapters you want to use are called

  • I write down "Ethernet 7" since that is the ethernet Interface that my Gaming-PC is connected to.
  • I go to properties of the "Wi-Fi" interface since that is the interface my Radar-PC is connected to the internet with.


6. Switch to the "Sharing" tab

  • Tick "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection".
  • Select the interface you wrote down before.
  • Untick "Allow other network users to control or disable the shared Internet connection"




If you have any questions or get stuck somewhere in the guide feel free to open a ticket or ask in the "dma-support" channel!

If you have any ideas or improvements for the guide feel free to message PaXe#1111 on Discord or leave a comment under this guide


It's always nice to see some feedback
so don't be shy and let me know what you think!

Edited by PaXe
Shhh... leave a like :D

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