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I wanted to go the DMA card route with two computers but I see your specific brand of card won’t be out for about two months and the only other PCIE solution (Raptor) is nearly $500 shipped to US.  I also don’t have a free m.2 slot for the lambda concept card.

How safe is the software solution with two PCs compared to the DMA card with only passive play and avoiding invisible loot? (Avoiding other players, only questing/loot and scav farming)

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We also offer a VIP + solution for people who do not have or do not want to have DMA ..

Would that be interesting for you?

This solution is just as secure as the one with DMA

And undetected for over a year....


so u need a sub for this https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/2-vip-subscription/
and https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/12-escape-from-tarkov-esp-and-radar/


II hope I could help you

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On 2/18/2021 at 2:01 AM, FunGaming101 said:

Thanks for the reply.  Looks like I will try out the VIP+ solution until the DMA cards are in stock!

Hi, I'm new here. Is the VIP scheme easy to use? Has it been detected?

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