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Lag Switch


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Game Version:
-Last one
Release Date:



-[added] Lag Switch
-[added] Autostop ( Custom ms duration can be set )
-[added] Cooldown ( Custom ms duration can be set )
-[added] Freeze / Lag up to 5 seconds ( 5000 ms )
-[added] OnPress Key ( Lean left/right at the same time 2-3 times in game )
-[added] Toggle On/Off ( Lean left/right at the same time 2-3 times in game up to max. 5 seconds )
-[added] Audiovisual feedback during the freeze ( Audio and visually )
-[added] Unlimited uses per raid
-[added] Custom freeze / lag duration
-[added] Custom bind / hotkey(s)


Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 (64 Bit)



  • 2 PC or 1 PC (1 PC require a VPS with 2gb ram / 1 cores windows server 2019/windows 10 server)



Freeze your enemys for 5 seconds completely and kill them within that time easily.






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