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  1. i'm since last year with vip+, played every wipe no ban so far
  2. check out the discord news post LambdaConcept Screamers Enigma-x1 Rapto RangerDMA yes custom fw prevent you from a fw detection. I saw some ppl self writing his own firmware, but they got banned, their own falt, seems like not recommended. I'm always on vip+ love it!
  3. maintenace i guess i'm good, no ban
  4. yes as i can see, some Clutch Kings are testing it rn. We don't have to wait that long i guess. HYPE HYPE
  5. Because your Forum status is Member, it have to be customer to see the private section. Also VIP+ is currently not available as you can see
  6. should work aswell: https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/find-card/buy-gift-card https://www.giftcards.eu/en/order/personalize?virtual
  7. i'm using it since release, no bans in the community
  8. yes, there are "how to" videos in the private section. You get also support there or in the discord
  9. i use this: https://clutch-solution.com/topic/10-radar-and-esp-new/ and this https://clutch-solution.com/topic/262-lag-switch/
  10. VIP+ : https://clutch-solution.com/topic/10-radar-and-esp-new/ DMA: https://clutch-solution.com/topic/175-radar-and-esp-dma-hardware/
  11. i'm using it with 2 pc. for your 1 pc setup you need to get a vps. recommended in the near of your location to get a better ping. After you purchased you get guides for it
  12. Hello Clutch-Community, because i read pretty often the fact you are not able to pay by card. Here is an easy and instant way, to get your "Virtual Visa Card". https://igiftcards.de/en/visa-mastercard/giftcard?v=10&c=usd Payment methods:
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