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  • hacks and cheats aimbots radar esp norecoil




    10/10 will use again again worked perfectly with no problems whatsoever and easy to set up



    Used in 2023, best cheat ever, played on same acc without any bans



    Cant stop, so nice!! Give you best experience of tarkov.


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    Very nice Aimbot.

    Legit. everything works fine.

    Best Cheatprogramm.


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    Have used clutch for over a year now starting with vip+, coming from internals to vip+ and now dma nothing has worked better than the products I have got from here. have used for tarkov, DaD, Dayz and will continue to do so. Best providers by far



    I'm super satisfied

    Great advice

    Great customer service

    Everything works perfectly



    playing with clutch apex 1pc for a while and i love it i do not have the ultra high end pc so i wanted a cheese with minimal performance impact and clutch gives me that. the support is also very kind and they respond fast



    Been using for several days and here is my observation when using it.

    ESP 8/10
    good esp can see where most enemy are. can also change the colours of your choosing on visible and non visible enemy.recommend to do that if your view is cluttered. however sometimes the bones can go crazy if the enemy is using a vehicle so keep a lookout for those.

    Aimbot 5/10
    Aimbot is decent if you are ground level. theres Fov slider to choose how big your aimbot is. there is also setting to choose the range of the aimbot wether you want it to start aiming enemy within close range for cqc or long range for sniping. it also include vis check so thats a plus as well. However i gave it a five because most of the time the aimbot is unusable if you target enemy below or above you as the aimbot will either aim to high or to low for the shots to hit.


    i would say the cheat is worth it given the price that you pay. this is the only cheat that i found that offer 3 days for that kind of price. if you look at other providers, that price will only give you 1 day of usage instead of three so if you are broke like me and want to find budget friendly cheat than this is the one for you.






    I have used a bunch of different providers for my needs. Clutch is BY FAR the best provider out there. The support is top notch, and the products are easy to use and extremely reliable. 



    I have used a bunch of different providers for my needs. Clutch is BY FAR the best provider out there. The support is top notch, and the products are easy to use and extremely reliable. 



    worked first try and used it with the dope esp widget to get 165hz on ultrawide clutch being the only homies that make 165hz possible on ultrawide when cheating love yall




    Been using it since last year and everything is perfect !! Great hack, good community and best support ever 🙂 Everytime there is a massive patch, hack is UP a couple of hours after!!  gg guys 

    Give it a try !! It worth it 🙂



    best cheat 

    i use rage setting 2year noban sooo good cheat



    Great product, tried allot of providers haven’t found anything better! Quick on updates and great support in the discord.



    Best hack and best support service keep going ❤️




    amazing product and service and instant delivery!



    Never got banned, works great



    Used for many wipes and no issues. This is the premium solution that always comes in clutch.


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    Easy to use, super undetectable and makes the grind so much easier. 10/10 would recommend 



    Smooth and easy to use Radar, one of the best around!



    Really good cheat but the even better part is the support team in the discord. Any issue you have they are around to help and fix it. 



    I recently engaged with a service for Escape from Tarkov, and what truly sets them apart is their exceptional staff. In an industry where customer support can make or break the experience, these individuals have exceeded my expectations.

    From the moment I reached out with inquiries, the staff members were prompt, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. They took the time to address my concerns and guide me through the installation process with patience. It's rare to find a service that values customer satisfaction to this extent.

    What impressed me most was the ongoing support they provided. Whenever I encountered an issue or had questions about updates, the staff members were quick to respond and offered clear, concise solutions. Their dedication to ensuring a seamless experience reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction that goes above and beyond.

    Beyond technical support, their genuine passion for the game and the community shines through. They are not just employees; they are fellow enthusiasts who understand the importance of creating a positive and enriching gaming environment.

    In a landscape where customer support can be an afterthought, this service's staff members have proven that they prioritize the player's experience. If you're considering a service for Escape from Tarkov, the outstanding support from these individuals will undoubtedly enhance your overall satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend this service not just for its features but for the incredible team behind it. They've truly set a standard for excellence in customer service within the gaming community.



    Easy to use and quick responses from staff. Never had an issue and super reliable. Discord makes ease of use the simplest service I've used.



    I did use this and it is good for the price but lacking some features as the game is being updated constantly.

    10/10 would still recommend.

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     In Maintenance: The cheats are being updated.
     Coming soon: New cheats are being worked on.

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