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Firmware - Emulated

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Emulated Firmware - The firmware will emulate the communcation with the driver in windows. The driver and windows will think a real device is connected.
1:1 Configuration space - The firmware will perfectly match the configuration space of the device it is emulating.


Supported DMA Card List


Name Supported       Chip
Enigma-X1 Yes 75T
Ace Yes 35T
Captain Yes


Captain Yes



Yes 35T
Ducks Yes 35T
FPGA Yes 35T
Hack Yes 35T
Immortal Knight Yes 35T
MVP Yes 35T
Ninja Yes 35T
Ranger Yes 35T
Raptor Yes 35T
Scarlet Yes 35T
Screamer R03 Yes 35T
Screamer R04 Yes 35T
Squirrel Yes 35T
Terminator P1/Z1 Yes 35T
ZDMA No 100T
Lurker No 35T
Immortal Gladiator No 75T
Immortal Sentinel No 75T


  • What does Supported mean?
    • Supported Yes - Works with cheat and we can build firmware
    • Supported No - Works with cheat but we can not build firmware
  • What if I have a DMA-Card that is not listed?
    • Please reach out to us and we can check if your card is supported
  • Is the firmware unique to me?
    • Yes, the firmware will be build specifically for your DMA card and will only work on that DMA card.
    • No activator or extra software is required.
  • Is this firmware pooled or custom?
    • By definition pooled means multiple people have the same firmware. And custom means only one person has it.
    • If you and your friend buy the same network card from amazon both of your network cards will have the same configuration space and driver communication.
      Emulated Firmwares work in the same way. So it is perfectly logical and safe, All emulated firmware on the market work like this. If you have any questions about this don't hesitate to reach out.
  • Where can I buy a DMA?
    • You can buy DMA Hardware here

Payment Methods

Reseller Payment Methods

  •  Cheat & Hack Status:
     Available: The cheats are online and available for sale.
     Updating: The cheats are being updated, available again soon.
     In Testing: The cheats are being tested by our Testers. If available in store, Customers are also able to test it.
     In Maintenance: The cheats are being updated.
     Coming soon: New cheats are being worked on.

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