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  1. the red one is lambda and the black could be enigma-x1, raptordma, rangerdma or the clutch board
  2. For me: -most features -good UI -Clutch is dev, no reseller shit. If there are bugs, there are fast fixes aswell. -less downtimes as other -less detections as others -best support -best community ❤️🙂
  3. Hello @Monsterjam2 you can check this: you need 2 pc or 1 pc and a vps.
  4. pc master race and nfs2 1997...ooofff lol
  5. just use a currency converter like google, your bank is doing the rest
  6. at least 2 cores and more than 2gb ram. Windows 10
  7. I have use their service for almost a month now. I really am satisfied with their work. The staffs are VERY friendly and responsive and the coder is a top-notch guy. Overall their services are one of the best in the market and for a fair price. The ESP is really nice feature to have. I recommend this to anyone! Cheers
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