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  1. buyed from 3 day ago still no ban and everything work perfectly thx to dev team and all i love it 🙂 GG ( was easy to set-up and using windows VPN work perfectly too) !! thx
  2. thx you my friend you got a new customer soon 😛 do i can use windows VPN for 2 pc use or its beter to use a software for the conection between the 2 computer ? ill try ready myself 😛
  3. hello im new to this website i tryed couple other website and after payment and following alll the step when i was joining a game the radar was closing automaticaly in my second computer screen ( each time i tryed ) so i guess it was not up to date so here it is the question ! from the date i type right now if i buy YOUR cheat do it still working right now ? after lastest game patch ? cause i want to buy it like right now XD just dont want to lose money again and again thx for taking your time to read and respond cheers !
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