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  1. You can buy VPS or use a 2nd PC like a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet but they must be able to run Windows 10.
  2. Good question. You will not get banned. That being said, there's one hurdle you have to jump over. For example, if you live in EU but purchase a Russian account (CIS region), you will require to log in with a Russia IP. That means you will require a VPN to mask your IP as you log into the launcher. After that though, you can choose to sign in automatically which should bypass that requirement for a period of time. No bans/
  3. Will be a lot easier for you to find someone on Discord.
  4. +1 I believe we are over 25 now ?
  5. Thank you as we appreciate the feedback ?
  6. Nice to have you with us Paeen.
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