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  1. open a support ticket, check your own link 😄
  2. the radar gets updated and after that it works as intended. Most times the update take 5 minutes up to 2 hours. Check the discord if you want to get the notification
  3. what do you mean? You can stream the radar to your friend, and you can make your radar follow your friend also. Or your friend just buy the radar aswell.
  4. chose which you want to use: https://clutch-solution.com/forum/11-available-solutions/ and check the requirements, you need EFT and VIP+ because you don't own the dma hardware i guess. Everything is at the link above
  5. Hello for the vip radar yes, for the dma radar no ( https://clutch-solution.com/forum/13-escape-from-tarkov/ )
  6. everything over 75t is superfluous, no effect just the price go higher. They have been told us they will keep 35t support - and up to 75t. yes check discord, the last information was nov - dec
  7. if you own 2 PC you need one vpn guide if you don't own 2 pc you need one vps guide ... to connect your game device to your radar device
  8. you may find a list of the supported dma cards in discord or you ask there EDIT FOUND THE LIST
  9. i play since january, no bans here. ppl might used a spoofer or other things
  10. if you haven't purchased, you don't get a Membership. If it's paused, you need to unpause in the launcher by yourself
  11. it works with a second device or with a windows vps. nothing else will work like virtualbox or virtualmaschines
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