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  1. I know there are a lot of suggestions out there right now but thought I would add one more. Game is pretty popular too. Showing survivor/killer position, escape hatch, generator position, door positions, totems would be really useful!
  2. Hunt Showdown would be cool. I just picked the game up very fun!
  3. Lets be patient, I have faith in these developers. Im a little surprised there is a R6 siege hack coming despite no one really asking for it, but that doesnt mean DayZ is never coming. I think we have shown our support and thats all we can do. Kenion and company may have already been working on a R6 hack for a while now or maybe BattleEye protected games are proving to be too difficult to provide a solution for. Or who knows maybe they see a big potential for an R6 solution. Maybe the devs just really enjoy that game and they are making products that they want to. I will say i dont think radar is good for games like R6, CSGO, Valorant, etc. IMO. In EFT any situation that is close quarters or there are several vertical layers it kind of becomes a coin toss in game. When gameplay is fast or hard to decipher where exactly an enemy is I have found the radar to be less useful. DayZ seems like a slower game with less complexity in terms of where enemies can be so I thought it would be the perfect game for it.
  4. Thanks my man! I will reach out to Mango and Ken and see if this is enough supporting interest to maybe get a DayZ product.
  5. Damn we hella close bois ?. Thanks for the interest! Keep it up!
  6. Anyone else interested in a DayZ radar? Would be a good game for it IMO. Post if you are interested! Might be able to convince Ken and Mango ?
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