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  1. Lets be patient, I have faith in these developers. Im a little surprised there is a R6 siege hack coming despite no one really asking for it, but that doesnt mean DayZ is never coming. I think we have shown our support and thats all we can do. Kenion and company may have already been working on a R6 hack for a while now or maybe BattleEye protected games are proving to be too difficult to provide a solution for. Or who knows maybe they see a big potential for an R6 solution. Maybe the devs just really enjoy that game and they are making products that they want to. I will say i dont think
  2. Thanks my man! I will reach out to Mango and Ken and see if this is enough supporting interest to maybe get a DayZ product.
  3. Damn we hella close bois 😁. Thanks for the interest! Keep it up!
  4. Anyone else interested in a DayZ radar? Would be a good game for it IMO. Post if you are interested! Might be able to convince Ken and Mango 🙂
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