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Copyright © 2018 - 2020 clutch-solution.com. All rights reserved.

Our company expects a written request from each client(user, member) for permission of clutch-solution.com in the event the client wishes to re-use or publish information or images from our website. This is waived if a permission for a particular object is explicitly mentioned on our website. However, if a client sends us a request for permission to use the service, it must be sent by private message or e-mail and include the following information: the client's name, a description of the information the client wishes to distribute and the intended recipients of the information.

clutch-solution.com has the right to change any information, data or images without notice, as all this information has been collated by clutch-solution.com.

Clients understand that our company makes no warranties, representations or commitments regarding the quality, content, completeness or adequacy of any information, data or images. clutch-solution.com is free from any damage caused by the misuse of any documents and files and, if applicable, information, data or images stolen from our website. If further information is required for this purpose, users can refer to the Terms of Use.

Our company expects every client to take care that every website they visit is free of viruses and other harmful programs.

clutch-solution.com, and its members, directors, employees or other representatives of the website are, unless expressly stated otherwise on this website, fully liable for any damages relative to the use of the website or any information, services or products provided by us.

Parts of our website have not been provided by clutch-solution.com, but by third parties. Therefore our website is only a place for this information (e.g. for exchange) and is not responsible for whether this information is correct or incorrect. It is possible that the views, products or services displayed on such parts of the website may not be consistent with the beliefs of the directors, employees or agents. The client agrees that any action taken on the basis of the information on this website was by choice and the consequences of such action are solely the responsibility of the client.

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