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[English] Router VM - Connection Method


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Feel free to open a ticket in our discord if you require assistance with this setup!
We kindly ask that you at least try to follow the Text Guide before opening a ticket!


For your own safety we advise you to carefully read ALL the red text on this page  : )

You will need everything that is listed below to make this work with our Solutions!

Game device (Your main Gaming PC)
Needs to be Windows 10 1909 or later.

Radar device (Second PC/Laptop )
Needs to be at least 2Cores and 4GB RAM.
Second PC needs to be Windows 10 1909 or later.

ClutchRouterVM (Second PC)
Direct Download


Text Guide

Make sure that BOTH PCs are connected directly to your router or the same switch  and have a working Internet connection before following this guide!



1.1. Unzip the ClutchRouterVM.zip

1.2. Install the VMware-player.

  • Just click next until the setup is completed.

1.3. Open VMware Workstation 16 Player

1.4. Click Open a Virtual Machine.

1.5. Select the ClutchRouterVM.ovf

1.6. Choose a name and storage path. Defaults should be fine here. Hit Import

1.7. Power on the ClutchRouterVM inside the VMware Workstation 16 Player.

1.8. Let the Virtual Machine boot and it will restart once. Wait for it to reboot and don't do anything!

1.9. After it's back on login with the user "clutch"

1.10 Type ipx to see the ip of the Virtual Machine.


ON Gaming-PC

2.1. Open ncpa.cpl, doubleclick your main internet adapter, click Properties and double click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

2.2. Set a static IP-Address on the Gaming-PC -> you need to use the same values as displayed by ipconfig.
Do not use the values from the two screenshots below, these are example images!
You need to use addresses that work with your network, if you run ipconfig in cmd on the Gaming-PC you can copy the values that are displayed there.


-> If you lose internet connection at this step you are 99% using an address that does not match your local network, make sure you copy the one displayed by ipconfig.

2.3. Go into advanced.

  • Click "Add" under "default gateways"
    • Next to Gateway type your Router's IP address, untick "Automatic metric" and enter 100 and click "Add".
      -> If you don't know it you can type ipconfig in cmd on the Radar-PC and look for "Default Gateway".
  • Click "Add" under "default gateways"
    • Next to Gateway type your VM's IP address, untick "Automatic metric" and enter 50 and click "Add".
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "OK"

2.4. Untick "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)"

2.5. You should be ready to go!

Troubleshooting / Testing Functionality

Testing Functionality

  • Open CMD on the Gaming-PC and run the following command
    tracert -d google.com

    This will return multple lines with latencys and IP adresses relevant to the route it takes to it's destination.
    Only the first line matters and it has to be the IP adress that was returned by the "ipx" command. If it is not make sure that firewalls are off and the Gaming-PC can ping the ipx IP address.


  • No Internet after setting the static IP-Adress
    • Instead of using your gateway as the DNS server try using or

If these troubleshooting steps don't fix your connection issue we can help you in
a ticket on our discord server!



Feel free to open a ticket in our discord if you require assistance with this setup!
We kindly ask that you at least try to follow the Text Guide before opening a ticket!

If you have any ideas or improvements for this guide feel free to message PaXe#1111 on Discord.


It's always nice to see some feedback
so don't be shy and let us know what you think!


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