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[English] Windows Dual Boot Guide


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Windows Dual Boot Guide


Failing to accurately follow this guide can lead to dataloss and/or inability to boot into your OS.

Continue at your own risk!
If you have any questions regarding any of the steps don't hesitate to contact us on our Discord Server.


1.1 Download a Windows 2004 64bit iso from this website.

-> You can continue with the guide while this downloads.

1.2. Open diskmgmt.msc and look for a partition that has enough Free Space for a Windows installation (~30GB) and all the games you need on there.

  • Right click on the Volume and hit "Shrink Volume..."
  • Enter the disk size you want your dual boot windows to have in MB. (100.000MB = 100GB) and hit "Shrink".
  • Now if you scroll down you should be able to find a "Unallocated" Volume with a black bar. The size will always be a bit less then what you specified.
  • Right click in that space and click "New Simple Volume..."
    • Specify Volume Size: As much as it let's you take.
    • Assign Drive Letter or Path: Select whatever letter you want it to be. (I will be selecting "Y" for this example)
    • Format Partition: Leave default for everything and for Volume label you can choose whatever you want.
  • If you open your explorer now you should be seeing a new drive with the letter and label you selected.

1.3. Right click and "Mount" the downloaded iso.

1.4. It should have automatically opened a folder.

  • Open the sources folder and locate the install.wim
  • Shift + Right click the install.wim and click Copy as path.

1.5. Open CMD as Administrator and enter the following command.

  • ImageFile: Path you copied in the step before.
  • ApplyDir: Letter you chose when creating the partition.
Dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:"I:\sources\install.wim" /index:1 /ApplyDir:Y:\
  • Depending on your disk and general system specifications this can take a while.
  • It should end in "The operation completed successfully." after reaching 100%.

1.6. Download this tool and install it.

EasyBCD 2.4.exe

  • Go to "Add new Entry".
    • Name: Enter a name. (Recommended to use a name that let's you know this is not your main partition).
    • Drive: Select the drive letter you chose before when creating the new volume.
    • Hit the green plus button. image.png.da16a2c1b51b62c26a0881c7a1efc6b9.png

1.7. It will look like it didn't do anything but you should be able to find your changes in the "Edit Boot Menu" tab on the left.

  • Here you can change a couple more things like the order and default OS.
  • The only setting I like to change here is to use "Use Metro bootloader". Just makes it look a bit nicer.

1.8. From now on when you start up your PC you should be able to select which of the two OS' you want to boot.

  • Upon first boot of the new Windows partition you will be greeted with the standard Windows installation. Feel free to select whatever you want here.
    A few tricks from me:
    • If you don't connect wifi and ethernet during setup you won't be forced to connect a microsoft account.
    • If you leave the password blank on the initial setup you won't be forced to set security questions. You can either use it without a password or set one later.

1.9. Done.

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