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About VPS (Virtual Private Server)


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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server in the cloud. Very similar to when you create a Virtual Machine on your own PC.

In simple terms: It can be thought of as a PC in the internet that can be connected to in many ways, most commonly: SSH and Remote Desktop. VPS hosting means that resources are shared to accommodate a lot of servers with minimal cost, powerful physical servers are split up into many less powerful servers. If you want dedicated resources there are also options for dedicated- and root servers, though at a much higher cost.


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Imagine having a computer in the cloud, much like a Virtual Machine on your PC. This is essentially what a VPS is – a virtualized computer, accessible through various means like SSH and Remote Desktop. When you opt for VPS hosting, you're essentially sharing resources among multiple servers on a single powerful physical server. However, still easily enough for what most people, including us here at clutch, need. For those requiring dedicated resources, options like dedicated and root servers are available, albeit at a higher cost.


Applications of VPS: From Business to Personal Projects

VPS are incredibly versatile, finding applications in both professional and personal projects. One of the key advantages of using a VPS, especially for business purposes, is its reliability and accessibility. Hosting services in large data centers with robust fail-safes and high-speed internet uplinks ensures high availability for your servers, websites, databases, remote desktops and more.


Clutch-Solution.com and VPS Usage

At Clutch-Solution.com, we use Virtual Private Servers not just for hosting our website but for a range of applications. VPS play a crucial role in our product offerings. Our 2PC products, which are by nature more secure cheats, only require a network connection between two physical computers. A VPS can be used as an alternative to a second physical computer. This involves the same easy setup steps as with two PCs.

The only difference between using a VPS and 2 actual physical PCs is that you need software to connect to the VPS with, most people use „Remote Desktop “ as it comes included in Windows. The hosting provider of your choice will give you an IP address and a password and with just a couple clicks you can use this data to connect to your very own Virtual Private Server.



Recommended VPS Providers to use with our Products

The VPS needs at least 3 vCores and 4GB RAM.

It needs to have either Windows Server 2019 or newer or WIndows 10/11.




  • EVOLUSHOST [GERMANY | NETHERLANDS | UK] (Use Code "CLUTCH10" for 10% off)





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Is VPS as good as a VPN?


No. VPS and a VPN cannot be compared, they are two completely different technologies that are used for very different things.


A VPS is basically a virtual PC in a datacenter. They are usually used to host services like websites, game servers and so on.
Theoretically these can also be used to host your own VPN server, but that is rarely the case in the non business sectors.

We at clutch-solution use virtual private servers to replace the need of a physical second PC. Since the connection between the two computers can be established over the network we can also create that connection over the internet. For easy access we usually recommend sticking to the basics and using Remote Desktop, it let's you see and control the desktop like you would usually see on a normal monitor.

A VPN is used to route everything you do on the internet through a server of the VPN Provider. A VPN Provider is the company you rent your VPN from, some examples are NordVPN, Proton, Private Internet Access, and many more. These providers rent servers in datacenters all over the world and let you connect to them through their VPN Software.

Once you are connected to that server it will send all your requests to the internet to the server that is assigned to you. This server will then relay this information to the service you are trying to reach, this can be everything you usually do when connected to the internet, like browsing the web, watching online videos or playing games. That service will then only see the IP of the VPN server and not your private ip address. 

Usually VPN connections are also encrypted. That means that the network traffic between your device and the VPN server will be encrypted so that malicous third parties can't see what you are doing over the network or even go as far as stealing private data. This is especially recommended when you are connected to networks you don't know about or can't trust like public restaurant wifi and similar.

A VPN can be used for various things like:

  • Bypassing geolocking services that only allow you to connect from specific countries
  • Circumventing IP bans
  • Hiding your IP address from third parties for privacy reasons
  • Encrypting your data in public networks


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Is there free VPS?

There are some providers out there that try to lure you in with "free VPS". However, usually these types of offers are very low performance, like 1 core 1gb ram, or paid by usage.
You also have to be careful not to end up in some sort of pay trap because you used it too much or forgot to cancel your free plan on time. So in my opinion it is always better to go for the basic VPS services that are paid on a fixed subscription plan. Paid by usage only really starts to pay out if you are a big corporation or need to handle a lot of user traffic.


For our use we actually need fairly high powered VPS servers, high single core performance is a big plus and there are still 3-4 vCores needed. This is partly because Windows itself already needs some minimum requirements. So you can already subtract 1.5 cores and 3GB RAM just to have the server run Windows. Another CPU hungry service is remote connection software that is always needed for our cheats as well.


So why are there no free VPS?

This questions is not as complicated as some might think.
VPS are basically virtual machines hosted on physical PCs/servers in a datacenter. Thus, they still require electricity and maintenance like any regular PC. And that's not even everything, there are a lot of servers in these datacenters. So they need very expensive and high powered network equipment, cooling, special fire management and power outage protection as well. Not to mention that there always need to be people on site that are ready to jump into action in case there is some sort of hardware failure.




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11 hours ago, baker said:

your cheat can work on all VPS ?


Theoretically yes, all Windows VPS that have 3 vcores and 4gb ram or more.
However, some VPS providers offer very low quality services and they might have performance problems.
The ones listed on the list above are all tested and confirmed to work.

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