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Here you can find answers to questions about how the website works. Try to use the search box to find your way around.


1. What do i need to start?
Membership(s) read here: Features and Requirements

2. What service am i paying for? 
You are paying for a clutch-solution Membership subscription.

3. Which Payment Methods do you accept?
Check Payment Methods

4. Do you have official Reseller?
Yes, check them out here: Our Reseller

5. How long do I have to wait to get the Membership status? 
You get the Membership status "Customer" immediately after the payment has been processed. 

6. When and how can i renew my Membership subscription?
Anytime, time gets added.

7. What is the difference between a Regular Membership and Light, Premium Membership?
The main difference is that VIP (Premium, Light, Additional) Memberships are limited to monthly subscriptions only. Some of them may also be slot limited. 

8. Where do i see my active subscription, where to unpause? 
In the Client or under https://play.clutch-solution.com/subscriptions

9. What is a Membership? 
A Membership gives you features and exclusive content not available to free members of the site.

10. How do i verify my Discord Account in this Forum?
Click on My Account -> Settings -> Discord

11. How to get the Discord Premium Role: CLUTCH KING and what are the benefits? 
You need to purchase one or more Lifetime Membership(s). As a "Clutch Kingyou get more permissions and access to more channels in our Discord, you get the highest priority everywhere, you are able to participate at our beta tests, get access to rare exclusive features and more. (See more Information for each Product page, in our Store)

12. Is it like a subscription automatically renew?
No auto renew. You have to buy again everytime manually by yourself.

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