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  1. Most likely. In order to use the EFT radar you need either VIP software via the subscription, or DMA hardware. DMA hardware is out of stock world wide currently.
  2. If this game PC is your 2nd PC it will simply render on the laptop screen. You'll establish a VPN from game PC to radar PC yes.
  3. You'll need a 2nd monitor of some description to see the radar, it does not overlay onto the game.
  4. Known issue, it will be rectified shortly.
  5. Best to jump on the discord and get live support.
  6. You need either: 1. VIP and EFT (1 PC with a VPS or 2 PC) or 2. DMA and EFT (2 PC only)
  7. Long as your 2nd PC meets the requirements of the product you are buying, you are fine. EFT radar = 2 core CPU, 4GB of memory running Windows 10 1909+ / Windows Server 2019 1809.
  8. Advanced Filter - Allows a user to utilise custom filters that come default with software or filters downloaded from the forum. Does not turn off the simple filter. Authtoken - Generated by the radar and can be found in the radar CMD/Console. CM - Clutchmaster, this is the software used by VIP + members to bypass EFT encryption. DMA - Direct memory access, this is the hardware solution to bypass EFT encryption. E.g. https://shop.lambdaconcept.com/home/44-screamer-m2-usb-c-r04-jtag-serial-pack.html DTM - Data transfer method, this is a network sharing connection between your Game-PC and Radar-PC. Hybrid - Windows VPN + Softether VPN server. LS - Lagswitch. Powershell - A modern version of CMD allowing a user to run complex scripts. Radar CMD/Console - One of three windows opened after pressing play on EFT radar. Softether - Softether Client + Softether VPN server. Simple Filter - The simple filter is constantly running and is controlled by the `min value` box and displays items based on that value per slot. VIP+ - Software encryption bypass utilised to enable the radar to function and display locations of loot, AI and other players. VPN - Virtual private network. Enables traffic to occur between your Gaming-PC and Radar-PC. VPS - Virtual private server. This is a virtual machine hosted externally by a third party. Windows CMD - This console allows a user to run commands. Accessed by typing CMD in the Windows start menu. Windows Defender - Windows default anti-virus. Needs to be disabled on both computers in order for our software to function. Windows Firewall - Clutch software requires all three profiles to be disabled on the radar PC, this can be done manually as below, or via the Windows CMD using the command - netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off. WINVER - Used to discover what specific version of Windows you are currently using for setup and diagnostics. Accessed by typing 'winver' in the Windows start menu.
  9. Hey mate, Radar needs to be running on Windows 10 1909+ or Windows Server 2019 1809. Hardware wise, the radar PC just needs a 2 core CPU and 4GB memory at a minimum.
  10. Yep, thats above all the minimum specs. Just make sure that its close to you as physically possible.
  11. Hello Kewaala, We currently have two solutions that work with our EFT radar: 1. Hardware: Requires a DMA device, EFT subscription and needs 2 PCs to function. 2. Software: Requires the EFT and VIP subscription needs 2 PCs or 1 PC with a VPS to function The two computes just need to be on the same gateway/network and are connected together via a local VPN. VPN directs traffic to your second computer and the EFT radar displays information such as loot, loot inside containers, PMCS, scavs etc. If you have any further questions please jump on our discord and we can give you live support. Cheers!
  12. G'day! You need to purchase a VPS from a provider near your physical location for a good result. The VPS needs 2 core, 4 GB memory running windows 10 or server 2019 as a minmum. Once you have purchased said VPS, they will email you the login infomation and you can use RDP from Windows to access it. Once that is done, you will need to purchase the EFT and VIP subscription which will allow you to access all of the guides. Jumping on Discord will allow you to open a support ticket for quicker assistance. Cheers!
  13. If you'd like to jump on the discord, we can provide real time support. Otherwise, I'd check that your VPN is connected, IPV6 is disabled on 2nd PC and firewalls disabled on both PCs and if all else fails, reboot both PCs.
  14. DMA is to be sourced by yourself. It does not come with a subscription no. Setup is easy if you are patient and take your time to read and then ask questions. Second device just needs min 4gb memory and a USB port as a cable will run from the DMA device in your GAME-PC to your second device.
  15. There are guides galore once you have purchased the correct hardware (if required) and subscriptions. Jump on discord and create a ticket ASAP for assistance.
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