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  1. Hey, We do not have an eta at the moment, also we don’t recommend you buy elsewhere as we wouldn’t want you to purchase something unstable or faulty we highly recommend Vip+ ?
  2. Hey fervan, vip+ will not work for rust as that game requires the dma device as it doesn’t use the same procedure as the vip+ method, our rust product has been undetected since it was created about 5+ months ago. We don't currently sell the dma devices at this point in time. regards
  3. Hi, Fervan I am a staff member of clutch soloution and I am more than happy to answer your questions. The hardware you are referring to is a piece of external hardware called A Dma device (direct memory access) which cost 295.99 euro you would need this as well as a subscription. Due to high demand the one we advise is out of stock at this point in time we do also offer a second method which is our Vip+ And EFT Subscription which does not require the extra piece of hardware. You can either have a second pc/laptop or you can run a virtual machine giving your gaming rig is capable o
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