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  1. Hey! I'm only interested in RUST this means vip+ doesn't have anything to do with RUST if i'm not mistaken right? I would realy like to buy a DMA device, do i need VIP+ for this? Also, can i be notified when you guys have the DMA device back in stock? I cannot wait to be a part of the community. Thanks again for your quick support.
  2. Hey Michael! Thanks again, Is there an ETA for the DMA device? is there anyway i can buy the DMA device through amazon or another online retailer? or do you guys simply not have any slots atm? Thanks in advance, Fervan
  3. Hey Michael Light, Thanks for your quick response! one thing is kind of unclear for me, its about the vip+ thing, does this work for rust as well? and does this mean you don't need the DMA device? just a second pc/laptop? Do you gujys sell the DMA devices? And how long have you guys been undetected in RUST for? Greetings, Fervan
  4. Hey there, i'm new to clutch-solution! Been looking for a while for a good and undetectable rust ESP/Radar etc.. and i think i mightve just come to the right place. Alltho ive read something about a DMA hardware device you have to buy, and need to have a laptop/notebook. are there any good hardware DMA devices you guys recommend? and how much are those devices? Would love to hear more, Sincerely. Fervan
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