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  1. Thanks so much. I love it,,is os easy to run FULL W like the PRO-STREAMERS and just watching a a secod the RADAR monitor,,hhahaha..like a PRO
  2. Hello. Today coming a New UPDATE for the Game IFT,with a New Motor Grafic. Do you know if will be OK to still huse a RADAR? Or is better wait for what the ADMINS say? Thnaks
  3. I tested the radar for 7 days and I am more than surprised how easy it is to enter a RAID and be able to run from one place to another, hunting enemies or just bosses. Mainly I don't like to eliminate players below level 25 as they are new to the game and it is quite tough. After playing with RADAR now I am quite upset with many famous strimers that were good players for me. An American friend from whom I met this community helped me to configure everything perfectly. He told me: Once you know the mechanics of RADAR and know how to use it and when to look at the monitor only for 1 or 3 seconds, you are left to keep running and go after the enemy with dissimulation. Then you realize that many famous strimers use RADAR. And after testing the RADAR, I will continue to use it for a long time. It is a wonder. I only say,,TANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS VERY GOOD JOB WITH THE RADAR PS: I still did find any CARD on any map with the RADAR
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