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  1. I just recently learned about the clutch-solution and was very impressed that I can play and not be blocked by the game. In addition, when playing EFT, I faced the problem that I kill 2-3 people on the map and can't find others, and now I see who is where and it's more interesting for me to play, since I have more shooting with them. In addition, the big problem with classic cheats is that it becomes not interesting to play with them, and there is no such problem with the radar. As for the functionality, it is good, but in any case it is necessary to develop and add new functions. Now there is a filter by items and I can see where everything is on the map, I can see which of the bots, PMC and bosses is located and this is fine. I would also like to see a search for items that are in the raid and the ability to set font colors for categories. In any case, the product is cool! I am waiting for a DMA and buying a lifetime subscription. I also want to mention the discord and saport community itself. These are wonderful people who are happy to help us quickly and efficiently!
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