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2PC/VIP Tarkov Radar/Lagswitch

Derek Rhodes

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I've been cheating in video games for over a decade now and the first thing, and most important to me, is customer service.  If you are a dick to me after I've paid you money, I will tell everyone I know and anyone I meet about what a terrible service you run. I am a small business owner and making sure the customer is happy with my product is paramount, and I see that Clutch actually cares about their reputation and repeat business.

I have spent hundreds of dollars with competitors (If you can even call them that, they don't even have the capability to offer products for Tarkov anymore) and have been treated poorly.  It's insane to me to shell out $100+ a month and be shit-talked by a mod/admin when asking for advice, or applying for a closed cheat. I'm sure there are rules against naming other providers, so I wont.  I was a customer for almost a decade with one and after being denied for a product, I was told that "If you can't apply correctly, you aren't smart enough to use this service."

Clutch has been pretty incredible. The Discord server is well modded and all of their staff are polite and knowledgeable on the products.  I recently needed some help double checking the install and one of their Discord guys was able to identify immediately where my error was and gave me the solution.  I really appreciate that.


Ease of install for Tarkov Radar: As long as you follow the directions and take your time you will have no problem.  I informed a few trusted buddies about the Clutch Solutions and all of them were able to install and configure the product without assistance. 

The radar itself:  Stellar. I don't have any criticisms. It's a helluva thing to be able to sneak through a map and complete a task that I would normally struggle on because of things like RNG/Loot spawns or roving bands of hunter-killer squads in game.  Need a specific item? If it's on the map, the product will help you locate it quickly and efficiently. It took about 10 minutes of poking through the product menu to get a feel for everything and after that I had it configured perfectly for my needs.

Lagswitch: I did not put in the time to learn to use it correctly and efficiently but a friend of mine did and was VERY successful with it.

Additional comments:  The radar itself is feature rich and the communication from the devs is that they are constantly working to improve it and add additional features to it. 

Communication from Staff/Devs: Nothing short of textbook perfect.   Anytime I log into discord and see that I've got a ping, it's a short and concise message about the status of the product or any news about it. I appreciate that.  I will often scroll through the discord and see what was discussed that day/past few hours, and often times people are asking for help in channels not designated for help.  Instead of telling/reprimanding people about the rule breaking, I have seen Staff HELP them solve the issue and then remind them politely to use the correct channels for support. So polite, outstanding.

I am being a bit long-winded about this but that's just how satisfied I am with it.  

Price/barrier to entry:  The Radar+VIP service is cheaper than competitor-advertised products by a fair amount.  Understand that when you buy and use this product, a lot of work has gone into it. Tarkov can be an extremely stressful game and having the peace of mind that I can come home after a long day at work and sit and play without having to get riled up over a death is a great thing.  

Tl;dr : This an extremely useful tool for a Tarkov player of any skill level and it will benefit you and your friends immensely in the long run.  The Staff are all extremely patient with people brand-new to this kind of software and I am impressed with the customer service.

Purchase with confidence, it's absolutely worth the money and your time.

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