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EFT Radar and VIP+ and LagSwitch

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You tired of getting bonked? Tired of just trying to get your loot and get out? Tired of just straight being Tarkov'd? Well Clutch has the solution for you right here! I swear, between knowing where all the players and scavs in the lobby are AND being able to find all of the delicious loot you can get your hands on is absolutely amazing BUT, the LagSwitch is the tastiest of it all. No more taking a shot from 100+ yards away and missing it because you target decided to scoot a little on you! Now you see them, now they got head eyed and dont even know how. By far the best product on the market, the support staff and developers actually care about their community and their product. No more dealing with getting your rubles stolen by a greedy scav with a rotten cheese. This is the real deal. 10/10 would recommend.


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