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Undetectable CLUTCH's Apex Legends Cheese 5 Months Review

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It is in use from July 2021 to the present.

The great thing about this cheese is that it is 'undetectable'. 

It's definitely different from not detected.

It's a stark difference from other cheeses that lie with the slogan of being undetected since launch.

Many updates have been made in the past 5 months, and the opinions of users have been reflected as much as possible.

This leaves us looking forward to future updates.

  Reviews for each function - ESP, ITEM FILTER, RCS ◈ 

▷ ESP  

     The glow-type Esp expresses the enemy's armor and health in color, and the Vis Check option is added for easy identification.

     The glow isn't overdone like other cheeses. I've tried various cheeses, but the glow function is so excessive that it hurts my eyes,

     but CLUTCH products melt into the game very naturally.

▷ ITEM FILTER(Show Glow) 

     It is very subdivided, so you can select/deselect only the items you need, and when you don't need it during the game, 

     you can simply turn it on and off with a hotkey.

     It doesn't obstruct your view and the Show DeathBox  option is great for refilling items in case of an emergency.

▷ RCS (Recoil Control System)

     In reflection of user feedback, the existing recoil value has been subdivided and updated to be selectable. (select min, medium, max)

     I can focus on aiming and tracking without having to think about recoil.



☆ The Only UNDETECTABLE Cheese in Apex Legends is CLUTCH 


Discord : Bololi#2847



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