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Escape from Tarkov DMA+LAG SWITCH

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Customer Support
    Customer support is always there for any troubles you have. The support team responds quickly. And if you have a further problem, they will take their time to figure out the personal issue. Even if you're not the most technical person, do not hesitate to buy, they will help you!

 EFT DMA Radar
    The initial radar is impressive by design. The nice part about radar is that it caters to whatever game playstyle you have of being a pvp'er or a looter. Another nice touch would be the 3d Esp which aids in lining up those shots. The UI of the radar is excellent and also has customization to allow you to change colors to your liking. The loot filter also allows you to search for a specific item or make a list of the things you want. Overall, the radar is of excellent quality and would recommend to anyone who has any doubts about buying.

    The lag switch paired with radar helps combat, especially for long shots. It's straightforward to use, press a key, and everyone stands still for a couple of seconds to shoot them in the head. The lag switch is a must-have, especially if you're running a radar!


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