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Eft Radar Vip+


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One of the best cheats out there.
In terms of regarding bans, being blatant, and getting yourself fucked over,

this shit basically has your back it's nearly impossible to not get banned considering that you have a radar. 
So understand what you are buying, radar.

It's extremely useful, don't expect to have walls and be able to preaim toooo easily unless you've it setup properly.
Now, its the best cheat there is because of quality of support, community, and the update speed. None the less the fact that this shit is being hosted to you via local vpn etc 🙂 you can't get banned unless you aren't a PC person.
Buy this shit

I prefer to have item text size at 13, enemy icons 25, and max the lines and dashes 🙂 cya on the forums <3

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