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Hey there! You are probably reading this thread thinking to yourself, who am I to judge on a product? I am a consumer just like everyone else who has ever tried this product, and I am here to bring up my voice into the conversation to discuss the pros and cons that combine together to bring forward the product that is shown to the public by the team only known as, Clutch-Solution.

To begin with, this thread is going to be going through multiple steps and different sections discussing the Product and not only.

  • The Product, and what it's seeking to demonstrate the the clients,
  • The Price, whether you should input your money into this,
  • The Community, how friendly they are and how people interact with each other,
  • The Makers of the Product, how honest and beneficial they are to the creation of the product,
  • Lastly, the Support Team.
  • Q/A ?

The Product

Originally, I found the product around another forum that is a completely different language from English, and I saw someone advertise it on there, at first I thought, "oh possibly another scam", oh boy I was wrong. I gave into my thoughts and decided to explore a bit more about the advertisement, I figured out it was a product being delivered by "Clutch-Solution" Team, which got me to view more of their videos and demonstrations of the product. Later on, I figured out that it was promising to deliver a fast-working / optimized Radar, with an excellent 3D-View (ESP) of it's own that is completely packet based. They seek to deliver this product to ensure all clients receive what the team advertises, and so they did, exactly what I got in return.

The Price

Unfortunately for me, I don't live where you can get a gift-card for Amazon as that's not something that is generally "trending" as something to exchange and or use. As in my country, we have our own versions of Amazon, but that's not the point. The price is excellent compared to other products promised from other services, it's better working, updated, and generally more sought after then other things. You are able to pay for this product with an Amazon Gift-card, generally bought from Amazon or some ripoff I mean Useful website. Depending what version you purchase and for how long, the subscription lets you use it properly, and without any trouble. It's basically a 5 click step system, open the site, possibly login or register, purchase, and then send your details to the Uwe or Kenion, simple as that.

The Community

Generally, the first day I joined the discord of Clutch-Solution I was pretty shy to speak-up or generally get to know anyone and or the environment of how people talk there, interact with each other, discuss things, and much more. Once I got to ask some questions about the radar I surprisingly got a sh*t ton of responses from multiple people and those who just generally want to assist you, help you, recommend something, or just state their opinion about something. All but in a good and friendly way, ofcourse, I found myself to explore the discord server and notice that a lot of the community members generally interact with the developers, and those who are responsible for managing the server and Clutch-Solution too. To say this in a short-sentence, the community is a non-toxic, mature, friendly place to interact with others and possibly find new friends and or team-mates to play with.

The Makers aka Clutch Solution

Both Uwe and Kenion do make an excellent team at managing their product together with their Support, and Moderation, all of them combined they regulate and manage the server to ensure everyone is updated on the news, upcoming updates, any issues and errors, and complaints. Not only that, Kenion shows his code together Uwe and they regularly talk with the community on up-coming updates that they demonstrate via live screen demonstration, just hanging out and playing the game, together with the Staff team, and so on. They are all extremely mature and work dedicated, they follow their rules and ensure others follow them too, and promise a well-working product that is delivered to us, (the consumers aka buyers), in an excellent way.

The Support Team

From my own experience, the first couple days of me using the radar, I found myself to experience some issues with the Windows Hyper-V VPN Settings, it unfortunately cost me great time and efforts to fix it and bring it back up to work and not only that their Support Team assisted me throughout their way, but all of them COMPETE to ensure & deliver the best fix for an issue, and even upgrade to something better to try other options. Yeah it costed me time, but so did it for their support team! One of them, specifically, stayed up with me for 5 HOURS just to help me out and fix any issue that I had, 5 hours is a lot of time and can be used for different things, y'know? Even I shouted him out since he deserved it, I expected to be dropped throughout the way but no, all the time was well used and proven to be NOT wasted but used in good to upgrade, and find the best solution, which later caused me to have no more issues after days to come.

Feedback ? Q/A ?

Lastly, I could only say that I really wanna thank Clutch-Solution for delivering such an excellent and well-made, dedicated product, that is proven to be useful, optimized, and being placed so much time into by an experienced team, who learn new things everyday and share new ideas all together with the community, and especially their staff team and those who moderate it, not to forget, the community too. ?

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