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Can't believe it's taken me this long to do this - EFT Radar + Lag Switch / Apex DMA Review


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If you are looking for strictly radar, CS is without a doubt the way to go. I've been using them before VIP+ was needed, and it's been great all around. I would HIGHLY recommend getting DMA ASAP for the added security though. VIP+ security is phenomenal. But with DMA, well, as long as I don't rage and kill the entire server every raid, I should be fine unless BSG really do something about it.

The guides and support members are great. Even when I got my DMA, the guides seemed daunting and I thought I was going to have a shit-ton of support help... But I followed the guides word for word, and my DMA worked first go. Happy days with that. I've never used other radar providers, and really don't see the need to. CS also has really good pricing compared to other providers. Just stick with CS.

Onto the Lag Switch now, which I stumbled upon recently. It's an AMAZING feature and if you use the radar, PLEASE get the LS too. You will need to pace yourself with the LS as you will feel invincible. Use it for long range fights (sniping) only IMO. All you need is to be able to see them for a sliver, and you can easily kill them. Because of the LS, I've came up with perfect angles on almost each map to catch people at the right time for a quick LS headshot. If you don't want the service of the LS due to the extra cost, I HIGHLY suggest you get it when you are on Shooter Born in Heaven (if you are going for Kappa) as it makes that quest insanely easier. Lets put it this way, I completed the quest in full this wipe in under an hour I believe.  Yeah, you can do it without the LS. But the LS makes it way more convenient.

For this last bit I almost forgot. I did get I believe it was two weeks of their Apex Legends DMA package. Absolutely phenomenal job with that. The on-screen ESP along with no-recoil is amazing. If you are an Apex main, I strongly suggest getting yourself DMA (for a good price, so from the likes of CS or Lambda, not re-seller) and getting the Apex package. I went from Bronze to Diamond in one and a half weeks before I stopped playing and went back to EFT. I was also solo/duoing ranked, so I wasn't even trying.

All in all I believe no matter what package you get from CS, you will be satisfied with the outcome.

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