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Game request - Albion Online


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I know this is a long shot but no harm in seeing what the community thinks. So there is this game called Albion Online and honestly there is quite a lot of players, latest official number was April 2'd there were over 300 000 active players, anyways I can barley (found 2 radars one of which seams to be detected) find any cheats for this game and I have been playing for over 3 years now.


Id like to see if there are any other CS members who are playing Albion and would be intressted in a Radar for Albion Online. Would be amazing to see a 2PC DMA supported Albion Online radar.


Albion has it's own Client which most of the player base uses and there is also a steam "version" its the same game only through steam and through their own client.






Best regards,


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9 hours ago, Luks said:

We will necro thread a bit. For me such games are server sided, and what you can do here is probably ESP limited range and auto hit, auto equip etc


It's not fair to look at the player numbers purley on steam if you had read the post you would know the majority of the playerbase plays from their own client and those stats are not correct.


And yes it would be a limited radar, there are one or two non DMA products out there right now which even if limited gives you a huge advantage and all it would really need to be is a limited radar that helps you spot players just a few meters away from the screen limit which IS possible. Would just want to see if a DMA solution for this.

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