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RDP Multi-session Guide

Domagoj Basic

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Just a little guide by me, after doing some testing with RDP. This is for those which do not have a second PC for themselves, or have a shitty laptop like me;


Problem: I have a shitty laptop that barely runs the DAR, however, people in my household are using a top tier-gaming PC for browsing and movies xD. I was wondering if it was possible to setup that same Gaming-PC as a Radar-PC, while other people still could normally use it. 

Make sure that the Owner of the other PC is not intending to run any BattleEye, EAC, CSGO, Rust or Tarkov related stuff! - You will be putting our Launcher on that PC and that will get them banned!

Solution: RDP Wrapper is a third-party tool, which basically modifies the Microsoft RDP service, allowing it to run multiple "User-Sessions" on one PC. Therefore we basically can create another Admin-User on Radar-PC, run DAR on it and RDP into that User-Session. Afterwards you can switch the Microsoft user to the regular one, and other persons will be able to use the PC normally.


  1.  Prepare your Radar-PC. (Disable IPv6, Disable Windows Defender/Firewall, etc). 
  2.  Create another Admin User on your Radar-PC
    1. Go to Control Panel > Accounts
    2. Family & Other People > Add someone else to this PC (Not family member)
    3. Choose "I don't have this persons sign-in Information"
    4. Choose "Add an user without a Microsoft Account"
    5. Set a name and password (You will need a password for RDP Wrapper to work)


Now that everything is prepared for a RDP Multi-session, we can proceed with installing RDP Wrapper.

You can find the RDP Wrapper by sebaxakerhtc in the attachments of this Guide. (https://github.com/sebaxakerhtc/rdpwrap)

You will have to log into your newly created Admin-User and do the following:

  1. Unpack zip to any place (Desktop, Downloads, etc)
  2. Run uninstall.bat with administrator privileges
  3. Run install.bat with administrator privileges
  4. Wait for it to finish
  5. Check RDPConf: Wrapper state, Service state, Listener state and version number must be all green for it to work correctly.
  6. Check "Allow to start custom programs"
  7. Check "Default RDP Authentication"
  8. Make sure "Full access with users's permission is checked"


That's basically it. Now you should be able to log into your Radar-Microsoft-Account on Radar-PC, RDP into it. The Radar-PC will not be locked, and you can just switch Users and let other people use the PC. Radar will still work in the background "User-Account" and you will have full control over it when you RDP into it.


By following Paxes Hybrid VPN Guide here and 2PC VIP+ Setup guide here, you should be able to fully enjoy the DAR/Lagswitch without issues :)!


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