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[Reseller] Japan Credit Debit Card, Paypay, 銀行振込, Paypal, Family mart, Line pay, Google pay, Crypto, Pring

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Purchases of all Clutch Solutions are available from my site link:-


Discord : https://discord.gg/3N6vQN5bEY


Support in English & Japanese is available.

We accept almost all Japan payment methods, PayPal and Cryptocurrency! My discord: ゆず#6496, TuTu#0844
Please feel free to message us with any questions. 
Below you can see our prices.





Apex 1PC

7 days - 4,000 JPY

30 days - 10,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price



Apex DMA 2PC

7 days - 5,000 JPY

30 days - 12,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price



30 days - 6,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price


EFT Radar 1PC

7 days - 8,000 JPY

30 days - 18,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price




7 days - 7,000 JPY

30 days - 13,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price



EFT Clutchbox

7 days - 6,000 JPY

30 days - 8,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price



EFT Lagswitch

7 days - 6,000 JPY

30 days - 10,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price




14 days - 6,000 JPY

30 days - 8,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price




7 days - 7,000 JPY

30 days - 15,000 JPY
Lifetime - DM for price



Custom FW & Pool FW

DM for price



HWID Reset

2,500 JPY


Support in English & Japanese is available.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Both of you have always been reliable people!
Not only are quick to respond, but they are also very accommodating to many things!
I think they are number one in speed of response, reliability, and knowledge!

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This seller has been assisting us with the introduction of this system. The response was courteous and reassuring.
In addition, this seller is very grateful to us for their support of Japan's unique payment method.

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We also asked for installation support.
Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail even though it took a long time.
It was a god support.
導入サポートもお願いしました。 時間かかっても親切で丁寧に教えていただき感謝です。 神対応でした

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It was very good the the response is very fast , and very friendly, Explained everything in details. and the SOL DMA itself really nice Cheese. Thank you so much and highly recommended.




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The support  was great, and the response time was soo fast, highly recommended. Thank you.



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The reseller here is very responsive and when I asked about something that I didn't understand, the store was good enough to get back to me right away!

And I think it was good about the support.

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They did all the setup.
Even if I don't know anything, I can get it all working here.
Thank you very much.❤️




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