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EFT 1PC VIP + Clutchbox

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The most reliable, supported, and effective solution in my opinion. 

The discord provides 24/7 support almost always >30 mins


While the setup may be somewhat complex for those unfamiliar, the community and support staff are more than willing to help. 

Radar is invaluable, especially with player information

-Distance, Health, Kd, Value, Armor Lvl, weapon, ammo type and count, etc

-Aim lines show when anyone is aiming, so you can see if someone is aiming on you while looting

- Clutchbox - Infinite stam, juggernaut (critical overweight has no effect), Chams (esp+visibility check combined more or less)


All these features make questing and looting along with farming bosses  a breeze, and if you ever run into a problem with the software you can always count on getting it fixed. 

Would greatly recommend Clutch Solutions to anyone looking for a top of the line EFT solution ❤️


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