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Escape from Tarkov Radar VIP+ and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER

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Well just to start off I am a complete doughnut with computers and I made a support ticket in the main discord after I had purchased my solutions and VIP, I literally could not work out how to do the process as my friend fell asleep. The legendary staff member that came to help me was such a cool calm person with the patience like no other. This isn't even an exaggeration as I think it took about 4 or 5 hours for him to help me. He never once got pissed off and told me to stop saying sorry haha. He even took the time at the end to make sure I understood everything and also said if I needed more help to pop up a ticket. Support these guys as I haven't had customer service like it before. Not all hero's wear capes. Thanks again big man, you know who you are. 

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