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One of the most streamlined experiences you can find


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Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge with Windows or networking will be able to set this up; the guides are clear and concise, and the support within the Discord community is superb as well. The community is active and always answering questions, and the developers release updates or fixes quite quickly, so you won't have to worry about not having access to something. It is a little pricey, which is to be expected for a product that works well as this. If you only have 1PC, then using a program such as "Always on Top" and putting the radar on your remote desktop in the top right of your screen will allow you to see everything you need to during gunfights, while also being able to glance up and see where everyone is, plus where the highest loot is on the server. In addition, the map that is provided along with the radar tells you everything you need to know about the server; from where the best loot is, what players are running around, what their names are, what their loot is, ect. The console window provides information for you as well, such as if you hit a player with your bullet or not, the killfeed, and other useful information for when you are in a raid.


I'm confident that no other providers will give such an easy and streamlined experience for the price, and if you are interested in radar or any other of Clutch Solution products, I'm sure you'll be satisfied by both the user experience and support when you reach out for help.

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