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DMA Basics (EFT)


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Seen some questions about DMA solutions. I have summarised my understanding below. Hope it helps.

  1. DMA is a device (card) that plugs into your PCI-E slot on your gaming pc. Similar to the slot where your graphics card fits.
  2. See DMA cards here https://github.com/ufrisk/pcileech#hardware-based-memory-aqusition-methods
  3. The main function of  a DMA card is to manipulate gaming pc memory. It is designed to read and write game memory without needing any drivers - meaning your gaming PC will know that 'something' is attached to it...but wont know exactly what it is (no drivers needed).
  4. These DMA cards have a USB port behind them (similar to the fact that graphics cards have display ports behind them)
  5. Another laptop/pc (lets call it the radar pc) can connect to this DMA card through this usb slot (usb cable connecting radar pc and dma card on gaming pc).
  6. Now, while the DMA card is reading your gaming pc memory, the right kind of software running on your radar pc can be used to manipulate your gaming pc memory through this DMA card.
  7. To use the radar through DMA, you will need an EFT Radar subscription (https://clutch-solution.com/game/1-radar-esp-%C2%A9-dma-hardware-2pc/). If you already have a non-DMA EFT radar subscription, this will work for DMA as well. (Only connection method will change - DMA vs VIP+)
  8. To use special features such as chams, no recoil etc, you will need the Clutchbox subscription (https://clutch-solution.com/game/6-clutchbox-%C2%A9-dma-hardware-2pc/)
  9. Lag switch is not integrated into the DMA radar or clutchbox.


So to get started with DMA you will need the following :

  1. Gaming pc motherboard having the right slot to fit a DMA card
  2. Dma Card purchased from one of many providers
    (Examples : https://enigma-x1.com/store/product/23-leetdma-incl-custom-fw/
  3. A second pc (radar pc)
  4. A good usb cable (fastest possible transmission speeds - usb3 preferred)
  5. Clutch subscriptions as per your needs (radar only vs Clutchbox)

If you purchase your DMA card from anyone other than Enigma, you will need custom firmware as well (https://clutch-solution.com/store/category/19-firmware-for-dma-devices/)

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