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Firstly sorry for my English, it's not my native language!


I have some questions before making the purchase!


1: Did this DMA software work in CSGO for leagues? Faceit and Gamersclub? 

In CS2, is it expected to work for leagues ?, if so, which leagues ? I'm interested in Faceit and gamersclub.com.br


2: Do I just need a DMA card to install on the computer that will run the games?  I don't need to physically install anything on the second computer? just connect a USB cable. Can I use a Notebook as a second option?


3: What is a Fuser? Do I need a FUSER + DMA? What is the advantage of using a Fuser


4: The version that does not use a DMA card, do I need to download software onto my computer/pendrive? Or is everything done online?


5: When will radar be available for CS2?



Yes, there are many questions, but when your native language is not English, it becomes more difficult to understand some things clearly.


Best Regards!



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1- We don't support Faceit and Gamersclub at the moment and no ETA when but we will make announcement once its ready.
2- You need to plug your DMA at your main PC and the cable 3.0 from your DMA to your 2nd PC ( We have guides text / videos ) explain you everything so it should be easy , you can use notebook yes it should be win 10 or 11.
3- Fuser means : device that combines HDMI signals, meaning you can overlay the ESP from one monitor onto another/ you don't need fuser if you don't have it.
4- Yes you need to download the software at your USB stick/Flash drive and you use it on your gaming PC , the config settings are online 
5- CS2 Radar still under progress , no ETA when but should be soon.

You can ask any questions you want, you also can join our discord for live support and we offer many support languages https://discord.clutch-solution.com/

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23 hours ago, Dobrow said:

In CSGO, was it possible to use it on Faceit and Gamers Club or was it never supported? Was it ever detected?

Hey, check out this thread 



FaceIT and GamersClub isn't supported as far I know. I also didn't hear that somebody give it a try to use it there. If you want to be a guinea pig you can give it a try and share it with us 😎



I think as long you play legit just with aimbot, you will be fine. But if you will play obvious you are most likely end up on manual review, that's when you are get caught. But that's just my assumptions, not suggesting or recommending to do it.



I had in the past friends which were playing at ESEA, everything went smooth until manual reviews kick in, and people start to question what is xyz hardware plugged in to your sys 🤭

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