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Hello everybody, I see many confused and puzzled new users debating which is the right choice for them when they start using Clutch-Solution. So I decided to create this little thread for anybody who might be questioning how to use EFT Radar.


You will not be able to only purchase EFT Radar, you need either the combination of (EFT Radar + VIP+) or (EFT Radar + DMA). Not all three, only EFT Radar and one of the options.

VIP+ will generate a decryption key via (Radar PC) that you will need to input on your (Gaming PC) upon launching EFT Radar. This is the software alternative to having a DMA card.

DMA will only require you to launch EFT radar on your (Radar PC) and then play normally on (Gaming PC) "No key input or launcher needed on (Gaming PC).

So which one is right for you? Depends, if you are only planning on utilizing Clutch-Solution for a short period of time, do you really want to pay upwards of $500 for a DMA device for a single week of use? Or would you rather pay for a week of (VIP+)?

DMA devices require firmware. Custom Firmware (individual firmware), or pool firmware, (shared with you and a handful of other members). This firmware is to prevent you from being detected.

DMA firmware masks your DMA device from being detectable by BattleEye or any anticheat to another device, such as a RAID 0 controller, etc. Anticheats are capable of detecting unflashed DMA hardware. This is why you need firmware.

Below I will break down how each method of delivering the game data works.


Using VIP + (Key + Clutchmaster software required)

RADAR PC or (VPS) - Launch EFT Radar, this will generate a key.

GAMING PC - Input this key on your (Gaming PC) ClutchMaster loader and then start EFT.


Using DMA (No key or Clutchmaster launcher required) (Second PC Required. No VPS)

RADAR PC - Launch EFT Radar. (No key needed)

GAMING PC - Insert DMA device into appropriate slot, (varies on model of DMA). Flash DMA device with firmware. Connect USB from DMA device to (Radar PC). After this brief setup you will only need to have the USB plugged in from your DMA to your (Radar PC) for each future use. (No key needed)


Hopefully this has provided some useful insight to any of you who may be a little confused about the process.


DISCLAIMER: If you do not know what a DMA card is, or if you bought a pre built. You do not have one. You have to buy one.
What is a DMA Card?

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