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Better than the competition, for sure!

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I was a long time customer from an other provider but their product was outdated, much more expensive and the support was non existent. (+it Made me blue screen of death every 30 minutes)

Then I came to Clutch. I was able to launch a "Pre-Sale" ticket to speak with the developer and support staff about the product and how it worked + compatibility before investing in it.  Needless to say, they were extremely helpful and chill, got me set up within 25 minutes and I've never looked back!  About to renew shortly.  And FYI - I have Kappa, >lvl 50, 15kd, inventory worth 90m, 30m cash, 2 t h i c c cases and no worry of bans! Just follow initial set up exactly or dish out a few extra dollars and let them set it up for you! (That's what I did, 100% worth it)!!!!

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