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Apex 1PC Vouch

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I've currently used the apex 1pc for roughly 3 weeks now and here's my review for how well it is.

AIMBOT 9/10 | Aimbot works well both on controller and regular mnk primary and secondary aim keys are adjustable, but for me I use either mouse 1 or 2 ( Wouldn't rec that tho) Settings are adjustable on the fly and can be changed between fights if you're quick enough. And for a product that is constantly being updated and new features added it works very well as a legit cheese.

ESP 8/10 | Aside from the few minor things that may happen from enemies sometimes not fully showing or death boxes flickering. This esp is still very well done and has recently been updated to four different glow types and a varying amount of colors to chose from so you can personalize it highly recommend if your aim is already on point and all you want is some information.

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