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Escap from Tarkov / 2PC VIP+ / NON DMA Edition

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Rating Overview

  • Complete Rating 9 / 10
  • Setup Rating 7 / 10
  • Functions 9/ 10
  • Price 7/10



With about 100€ per months, its for me as "low earner" almost unaffordable. Me and a mate pay both for it 50/50, so its less expensive and i can boost him then. If i needed to buy it alone i maybe wouldnt. But no one can say anything "too" negative about your pricing, since, you are in the usual price range of most Tarkov Software Providers(i mean the trustworhty ones).



The Buying Procedure was clearly designed, and all Pre-Sales Questions could be checked before i bought the product. 

I was really glad to see that the development is in germany, so i knew it must be a good product.

The first thing what i unlocked after buying was the VIP Section, where i had access to the needed tutorials to setup clutch-solution.

I started following the guides, and after about 1,5-2 hours of work the complete Radar setup was done.

I am using the Radar with a second Notebook.



Well it was pretty hard to set this up, and i really need to say this, because i am working as IT and Hardware Specialist for almost 10 years now, and i have tried several hacks! I even coded some external csgo- sh*t myself. But the clutch setup is the most complex of all of them. No comparison to other where you just have a dumbass loader where you can oneklick the software to load. But never mind. The tutorials and guides you wrote, explained really everything what was needed to get started. So if people are a bit more experienced they can do this by themself. But its needed to say: Its not "that" easy, and you'll maybe need some sort of support.




Nothing to say. The Whole concept feels almost genious, and it feels really safe with all of those security mechanisms when loading the program.

The Radar design is okay, just the performance when loading up the players on the map seems sometimes a bit unstable.

The Item Filter and adjustable settings of Radar are perfect. Hope the new maps are added into clutch, and hope that the maps are getting a bit adjusted to better pictures(like them of mapgenie or others) All in all: Nice Product, enables you to legitly do your stuff without 360 ragebotting through the map. Exactly what i searched.


Executive Summary:

I can fully recommend your product for people who love to play tarkov. It makes life a lot easier, and you can play the game in a totally different way than before.

The only 2 points, what i would change are:

a) pricing

b) Add all Maps with extracts / possibility to make the extracts bigger to see them better. 


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